Breaking and Entering

Orrville sees rash of B&E’s in Business District

July 7, 2008

Orrville-The Orrville Police Department is investigating a string of thefts that have taken place in the downtown business district over the past several weeks. It is believed that these thefts are taking place late at night or in the early morning hours before sunrise. Due to the size and weight of the items stolen, it is believed that there could be more than one suspect involved and that a vehicle, possible a pickup truck, is used to haul the items from  the scene.

The department will be sharing information with surrounding law enforcement agencies in the area to determine if there are similar patterns in other jurisdictions. In the meantime, Chief Carozza is asking that citizens be on the lookout for individuals or suspicious vehicles near businesses after hours and to call the department immediately.


B&E Prevention for Small Businesses 

Make sure all outside entrances and inside security doors have deadbolt locks. If you use padlocks, they should be made of steel and kept locked at all times. Remember to remove serial numbers from your locks, to prevent unauthorized keys from being made.

All outside or security doors should be metal-lined and secured with metal security crossbars. Pin all exposed hinges to prevent removal.

Windows should have secure locks and burglar-resistant glass. Consider installing metal grates on all your windows except display windows.

Remove all expensive items from window displays at night and make sure you can see easily into your business after closing.

Light the inside and outside of your business, especially around doors, windows, skylights, or other entry points. Consider installing covers over exterior lights and power sources to deter tampering.

Check the parking lot for good lighting and unobstructed views.

Keep your cash register in plain view from the outside of your business, so it can be monitored by police during the day or at night. Leave it open and empty after closing.
Be sure your safe is fireproof and securely anchored. It should be kept in plain view. Leave it open when it’s empty, use it to lock up valuables when you close. Remember to change the combination when an employee who has had access to it leaves your business.

Before you invest in an alarm system, check with several companies and decide what level of security fits your needs.

Learn how to use your system properly. Check the system daily, and run a test when closing.

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