Suspect arrested in downtown B&E’s

Man is charged with string of crimes in Orrville


Staff Writer

ORRVILLE — Police say they hope they have managed to put yet another dent in a crime wave of break-ins that has plagued the city this summer.

Police arrested Joshua R. Shelton, 27, of 1111 N. Elm St., Orrville, Thursday. They allege he went on a one-man crime wave late Wednesday and into Thursday, leaving a string of break-ins and attempted break-ins in his wake.

Police Chief Dino Carozza said Monday it appears Shelton attempted to gain entry into an apartment at the Lamplight Court complex on North Ella Street on Wednesday. Failing to gain entry into that apartment where a neighbor reported to police the sound of someone trying to break in, Shelton apparently stole a bicycle from a nearby apartment and rode to the downtown area where Carozza said he broke a window on the east side (rear) of a store in the 100 block of North Main Street to gain access.

Once inside, Carozza said, Shelton used a variety of tools from inside the store to try to gain access to the contents of a safe. Carozza said Shelton was unable to penetrate the safe.

At that point, Carozza said, it appears Shelton kicked open a door that joins another business and took only a small amount of money — described by Carozza as “less than $100.”

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