OPD Launches Twitter Site

Wednesday July 22, 2009- On Friday the Orrville Police Department introduced a new tool to aid in sharing information with the community. Utilizing the social networking site Twitter.com, OPD has created a means of disseminating critical information to citizens instantly as events unfold.

Less than 8 hours after the program was initiated a robbery took place at the Rite Aid store on South Main Street. As information became available it was posted on the department’s Twitter site. On the following Tuesday, another armed robbery took place at the CVS store on North Main Street. This time information regarding the suspect was sent out to the public via Twitter within minutes. Citizens who had already signed up for the free service recieved text alerts on their mobile phones and email alerting them to the incident. Furthermore, links were posted on the site to the department’s website where a video of the robbery was already posted as well as an official press release.

Many agencies across the country are already taking advantage of this technology to “broadcast” critical information to the public. Locally, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has also established their own Twitter site and there are well over 100 “followers” tracking the activities of deputies.

Citizens are encouraged to take advantage of this free information sharing service.

To create a free account go to: www.twitter.com

To view the Orrville Police Department’s Twitter site go to: www.twitter.com/orrvillepd

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