Vehicles Targeted for Thefts

Capt. M. Birkbeck

Capt. M. Birkbeck

Wednesday October 21, 2009- The Orrville Police Department has detected an uptick in thefts from vehicles in October. In the first 18 days of October, officers have investigated seven instances of items being stolen from parked cars in the city. Furthermore, since this type of crime tends to be underreported, it is believed that there are many more vehicle trespasses taking place. This is a common occurrence during the fall months as the hours of darkness increase and the number of people out in public decreases.

The Center for Problem-Oriented Policing notes that “because suburban residential areas are relatively safe and quiet, residents can become complacent about car security. They may leave their car doors unlocked or the keys in the ignition. Oftentimes, their homes’ exterior lighting is wholly inadequate. Overly tall shrubbery and other brush on the premises can provide thieves with cover. An entire neighborhood filled with unlocked cars and poorly lit homes, with plenty of cover, is an inviting scene for a thief.” Residents are asked to keep these factors in mind, and to take steps to reduce the likelihood that your vehicle will be an attractive target for thieves.

In addition to taking steps to prevent thefts from vehicles, residents are asked to report any suspicious activity to the police department. If you believe items were stolen from your vehicle or that someone entered your vehicle without permission, please report these circumstances to the police immediately. Even if you do not wish to file a formal police report, it is important that this information is given to the police department so that patterns of criminal activity can be monitored.

Historically, thefts from vehicles tend to occur in clusters. The current trend appears to be consistent with this pattern. To view the most recent data on known thefts from vehicle’s in Orrville click here.

Anyone with information regarding these crimes is encouraged to contact the Orrville Police Department at 330 684-5025 or on the anonymous Crime Tip Hotline at 330 684-5151.

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