Burglary Suspect Arrested


Chief Dino J. Carozza

Friday October 30, 2009– On Thursday October 29, 2009, at 9:08 pm Officers were dispatched to 221 South Elm Apt. F regarding a burglary in progress. The Police Dispatcher remained on the telephone with the person reporting the burglary. The caller followed the suspect on foot and gave the direction the suspect was running to the dispatcher who forwarded the information to responding officers.

Officers observed the caller and the suspect running in the railroad yard south of South Elm Street. Officers exited their cruisers and pursued the suspect on foot. The suspect changed direction and fled north into a fenced in area south of Jefferson Avenue. Officer’s searched for the suspect who was avoiding capture. An officer observed the suspect who began running. The suspect attempted to jump over a fence. The officer ordered the suspect multiple times to stop his attempt to flee, but the suspect failed to obey the officer’s commands to stop. The officer deployed his Taser which was effective and the suspect was arrested by the officer.

The suspect was transported to the Orrville Police Department and processed. During processing of the suspect, two bags of marijuana were found in the clothing of the suspect. The suspect was later transported to the Wayne County Justice Center.      

Officers learned the suspect had stolen a Play Station III video game system including several video games. The value of the Play Station system and games is unknown at this time.


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