Weather Alert

Capt. Matt Birkbeck

Monday Feb. 8, 2010- Just as residents are digging out of the last winter blast, a second round of snow appears to be heading our way. Forecasters are predicting a possible additional 6-12 inches of snow to fall beginning Tuesday. Combined with the estimated 14 inches that is already on the ground from the weekend, we could see nearly 2 feet of snow in this area if predictions are accurate. Naturally, that can pose significant problems for road crews trying to clear the streets.

In preparation for this event, off duty officers and dispatchers are being notified that they will be needed to report to duty. In addition, residents need to be prepared for a potential snow parking ban should we recieve even a moderate amount of snow. Below is a description of the City of Orrville’s Emergency Snow ban policy and affected streets:

The streets within the City of Orrville where parking is prohibited after three (3) inches of snow have fallen and there is a prospect of further snow fall are as follows:

–Church Street (Mill to Maple)
–Crown Hill Road (Paradise Rd to High)
–Dogwood Drive (Hostetler to Apple Blossom)
–Ella Street (Terminal to High)
–Elm Street, North (Market to High)
–Fair Street (Market to High), west side only
–Hall Street (Market to High)
–High Street, East (Main to Mill)
–Jefferson Avenue (Ella to Elm)
–Kenwood Drive (Crown Hill to Lee)
–Kirk Avenue, both sides
–Lakeview Drive (Magnolia to Heatherwood)
–Lynn Drive (Crown Hill to Lee)
–Main Street (north city limits to south city limits)
–Market (Walnut to Crown Hill)
–Mohican Avenue (Market to Penn)
–Paradise Street (Garfield to Wayne)
–Park Street (McGill to Garfield), north side only
–Pearl Street (Market to High), west side only
–Vine Street, North (Market to Mineral Springs)
–Vine Street, South (Pine to deadend)
–Washington Boulevard (High to Market)
–Water Street (Vine to Mill)
–Westwood Avenue (Market to Penn)

The Orrville Police Department is asking residents to be prepared for the enactment of a snow parking ban. If you have a vehicle that is normally parked on one of the above listed streets, and you will not be home to move it, we ask that you consider moving it to another location prior to leaving your residence on Tuesday. Furthermore, even if you do not live on one of the affected streets, it would be very helpful to the road crews to park your vehicles off of the streets on Tuesday and Wednesday if in fact we do get a significant accumulation of snow with this event.

The Orrville Police Department will continue to monitor this situation and will send out alerts via Twitter and Facebook to residents as appropriate regarding snow bans, emergency levels, and school closings.

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