Top 10 Stories of 2017: #9

Nancy Jewitt Named WARCOG Director


Nancy Jewitt

On October 15th Nancy Jewitt became the new Director of the Wooster-Ashland Regional Council of Governments (WARCOG) regional dispatch center. Several candidates were interviewed by members of the WARCOG Operations board, with Jewitt being considered the top finalist.

Jewitt impressed the panel with her vast experience and the vision that she has for the dispatch center. Jewitt knows what the very best regional dispatch centers in Ohio look like and how they operate. Additionally, Jewitt has prior experience as a former dispatcher at the Wayne County dispatch center in the 90’s and still maintains contacts in the area.

Her expertise in the use of ProQA dispatch software, which is the unique technology at the heart of the WARCOG dispatch center, was a major factor in the hiring decision.

ProQA is a tool that WARCOG dispatchers use during critical incidents to ensure that essential information, identified by the International Dispatch Academies, is gathered and disseminated to first responders.  This key element is a quality control measure that is designed to make sure that dispatchers are consistent in information gathering.

Link: Ashland Times Gazette

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