Top 10 Stories of 2017: #1

Association Names Lesy Herbert Ohio’s Outstanding Officer


Officer Elisbeth “Lesy” Herbert

On November 30th, Officer Lesy Herbert was recognized by the Ohio Prosecuting Attorney’s Association as Ohio’s Outstanding Peace Officer for her role in the initial response and subsequent investigation of a 2016 murder.

Officer Herbert was nominated for the award by Wayne County Prosecutor Dan Lutz who wrote:

“I enthusiastically offer my highest recommendation on behalf of Orrville Police Officer Elisbeth “Lesy” Herbert whose name I submit for your consideration for the Outstanding Peace Officer Award. 


Dan Lutz (L) and Lesy Herbert at the OAPAA’s Annual Conference

“Having only been a commissioned peace officer for less than 2 years, and a fulltime officer with the Orrville Police Department for about ten months, the call “shots fired” went out over Officer Herbert’s police radio on August 18, 2016. Officer Herbert, who was the first to respond to the scene, arrived to see a man lying on the ground bleeding from the chest while another man, Paul Claren, was ten feet in front of the downed man standing in the doorway of his apartment pointing a firearm into the parking lot area where Officer Herbert had just arrived. Exiting her cruiser, and drawing her duty weapon, Officer Herbert screamed repeated commands for Claren to drop his gun and get on the ground. It took Claren almost a full minute to comply with those commands creating a very tense and dangerous situation as Claren reluctantly put down his firearm and very slowly walked out of his apartment refusing to put his hands in the air as ordered. After other officers finally secured Claren, Officer Herbert immediately initiated live saving measures on the victim, Bryan Galliher, who Claren had shot point blank in the chest with a .44 caliber revolver just minutes earlier, and she continued to do so until EMS personnel arrived. Then, throughout the evening and into the early morning hours of the next day, Officer Herbert greatly assisted in what became an aggravated murder investigation by conducting critical witness interviews and guarding Claren while he was being detained at the Orrville Police Department for questioning.”

“Officer Elisabeth Herbert showed great restraint, discipline, courage, and presence of mind not to use deadly force under very tense circumstances. Furthermore, she showed exemplary devotion to duty and professionalism in rendering first aid to a gunshot victim, followed by many hours of investigative responsibilities and subsequent trial testimony which ultimately culminated in the indictment, prosecution and conviction of Paul Claren for Aggravated Murder following a seven-day jury trial. Officer Herbert’s actions reflect great credit upon herself, the Orrville Police Department and law enforcement in general, for which I nominate her for the Outstanding Peace Officer award.”

Lesy is not only a very brave and skilled officer, as evidenced in her nomination, but she is also one of our most complimented officers. Citizens often call in or post to Facebook stories about how Lesy had treated them so well. We value this quality in our officers and it is why, in addition to Honor, Trust and Courage, we include Compassion as one of our core values. Lesy is a shining example of each of those values!



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